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Engineering Services

MRI provides engineering and engineering analysis across the engineering spectrum.

Battery Systems Engineering

MRI Battery Systems Engineers performs sustaining engineering for battery systems to insure an integrated approach to identification and quantification of battery system requirements, creation of alternative battery design concepts, performance of battery design trades, selection and implementation of the best battery designs, verification that the battery is properly built and integrated, and post-implementation assessment of how well the battery meets the requirements.

Hardware Management

MRI hardware managers are responsible for the cost, schedule and technical management of the design, development, manufacturing, certification and sustaining the engineering of hardware. This responsibility includes defining operational requirements that will determine what the hardware can and cannot perform, monitoring contractors engaged in this work to ensure requirements laid out are met within an agreed to schedule, leading integrated project teams involving multiple organizations the hardware manager leads and project status presentations to various Offices, International Space Station Program and Space Shuttle Program boards.

MRI performs analysis, planning and integration, including the development of logistical plans, sparing philosophies, acceptable risk levels, limited life tracking and evaluation, and the modes of transportation required to meet flight and increment-specific needs.

We also manage and coordinate all EVA manifesting across multiple programs and reviews actual flight hardware regarding packaging, configuration and quantities. Our MRI Property Manager is responsible for the management of Government Property in the accountability of the EVA Systems Contract. The Property Manager is responsible for 63,000 line items with an approximate value of $389M.

Information Technology (IT) Services

Our team put the first Docker-based microservice into production at NASA. If you want cutting-edge software, we have the team.

MRI possesses many of the capabilities in the IT business line. MRI has evolved IT services from mainframes to the current cloud computing advances. We have a highly-capable, manageable team which includes the following experience:

  • Programmers
  • IT security experts
  • Helpdesk
  • Department of the Army expertise
  • Cost, scheduling, and resource management
  • Security and technology protection
  • Customer relationships
  • Depth of technical reach back to expertise in DOD related disciplines
  • Legacy data expertise in senior staff

Configuration Management

MRI has provided Configuration Management (CM) support across NASA programs (Space Shuttle, International Space Station, Extravehicular Activity, and Constellation), organizations, and projects (Orion as well as flight government furnished equipment projects) as well as Department of Defense and industry for the past 25+ years.

Our personnel maintain certifications in CM from various recognized CM authorities to ensure that we stay focused on all attributes of a CM system. MRI personnel regularly present information to various national configuration management conferences. Our certifications include National Defense Industry Association, Institute of Configuration Management, Configuration Management Process Improvement Center, and Configuration Management Training Foundation.

Process Improvement

With over 20 years of experience in building solutions for the NASA Johnson Space Center, MRI understands how to provide problem-solving approaches and innovative ideas for our customers. MRI, endowed with the characteristics listed below, has the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully perform process improvement.
MRI employees have:

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certifications.
  • 20 years of experience and understanding of engineering processes
  • Integrated process improvement efforts across Johnson Space Center (JSC)
  • Reach back to strong corporate capabilities and industry best practices, and demonstrated ability to apply these rapidly and cost effectively
  • Automated solutions and process improvement functions

Project Management Support

MRI has provided project data management support and designed processes for projects under both Government Furnished Equipment and Contractor Furnished Equipment management. We identify, define and implement improvements in processes, and integrate standardization across the projects where applicable. MRI employees hold Project Management Institute PMP certifications.

  • Major Design Review Support (e.g., Systems Requirements Review, Critical Design Review, etc)
  • Configuration and Data Management (CM and DM)
  • Budgets and Resource Management
  • Earned Value
  • Technical Writing
  • Graphics Design
  • Requirements Traceability (Cradle, Doors)
  • Project Schedule and Milestone Management